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Kontroler lotu Tarot ZYX-M + GPS - Autopilot - ZYX25

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Kontroler lotu Tarot ZYX-M + GPS - Autopilot ZYX-M to kontroler lotu znanej z najwyżej jakości sprzętu firmy TAROT. Teraz mistrzowskie wykonanie oraz dopracowany produkt do kontroli dronów z kompletem funkcji oraz GPSem.

Change the flight experience of the flight control equipment
Tarot ZYX-M flight control set a number of new technology in one, simplifying the complex process of miscellaneous debug operations, redefining the flight, bringing the minimalist nature of the operation.
Because it is, the way the scenery flying ever closer.

And you close reinvention of the operating experience
Intelligent flight control this is to enhance flight experience was born, ZYX-M even more so. Through advanced INS intelligent solver and navigation controls interaction algorithm, so that the aircraft can have both stability and maneuverability. You can according to their needs, set the aircraft in assistant software in pitch, roll and yaw characteristics, arbitrary design specific to your flight feel.

For flight safety, more comprehensive than you think
Tarot ZYX-M multi-axis flight control for your aircraft well aware, for safety, it is more comprehensive than you'd like, multiple abnormal state can provide protection, but also timely to remind you to appropriate action in the event of unusual circumstances. Including setting flight range and no-fly zones and other protection, so that the aircraft in flight time and smooth in the controllable range.

Main Controller master:
32-bit processor with powerful computing capabilities.
Built-in sensors shock absorption, superior seismic capacity.
Full Metal Jacket, to provide comprehensive protection.
Dual S-BUS receiver
Double DSM satellite receiver, remote control and reliable guarantee.
Exclusive PTZ control interface directly control TAROT new head.

It supports up to nine aircraft types, plus 3 server output, more scalable.

GPS speed mode under precise controlled flight speed:
     Under GPS speed mode, flight speed completely proportional to the amount rocker, real fixed speed flight; rising and falling speed is proportional to the amount of the throttle lever does not appear unexpected rapid rise and fall.
Uncontrolled return, a return key:
     When the remote control signal is lost, the aircraft can take off point is automatically returned to land safely; you can also toggle the remote control switch remote control signal to trigger the automatic return to normal when landing.

Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) and points of interest surrounding the (POI):

Intelligent undercarriage features:
     With this function enabled, the landing gear will not accidentally stowed on the ground; (such as automatic landing, etc.) are automatically put down in case of emergency
Landing gear; after flying height of more than 5m retractable landing gear and down through the switch.

Powerful flight range and no-fly zone protection:
     In the GPS speed mode, the aircraft will not fly out of the scope of protection set; in the other modes, once flying out of the scope of protection, immediately trigger the automatic return; within the no-fly zone near the airport, the aircraft's flight altitude and range is strictly limit.
Broken oar protection (aircraft and six or more axes)
     And aircraft above a six-axis, when one of the motor or propeller is not working properly, the aircraft can fly, or guarantee the normal attitude control, not the crashes.


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Kontroler lotu Tarot ZYX-M + GPS - Autopilot - ZYX25

Kontroler lotu Tarot ZYX-M + GPS - Autopilot - ZYX25

Kontroler lotu Tarot ZYX-M + GPS - Autopilot ZYX-M to kontroler lotu znanej z najwyżej jakości sprzętu firmy TAROT. 

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